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Official Video (© 2021) by "Muffler Crunch"

"Have Faith In Me"

Official Video (© 2012) by "Muffler Crunch"

from the Album "Little Things"

"Wagons Ho!"

Official Video (© 2010) by "Muffler Crunch"

from the Album "Arc Welder"

"Snowing Inside"

Official Video (© 2010) by "Muffler Crunch"

from the Album "Ol' Sparky's Revenge"

"(The Day After) the Farmer Died"

Official Video (© 2012) by "Muffler Crunch"

from the Album "Little Things"


"When it comes to the sound of Muffler Crunch’s second full-length effort, Arc Welder, comparisons are few and far between."


- Keith Carman

Our goal is to make the heaviest music in the world on the cheapest acoustic guitar we could find. We are Muffler Crunch, a male/female rock 'n roll duo that's been playing music together for twenty years. We built this thing from the ground up.

Back in the '90's, we started in the basement playing a primal beat. Slowly, we learned that we could conjure some pretty powerful spirits with just a simple drum kit and a "Frankensteined" axe we knicknamed "Sparky".

We write the songs together and things have always been 50/50. We've been doing this 3 legged race together for a long time. This shit really matters to us.

2017 will be a big one for us, as it will mark the release of our most ambitious music video yet! Collaborating with audio/visual engineer Ken Tierney of Turn to Salt Productions we have created a dark fantasy world ruled by unsavory puppets and evil minded humans.

We are also on the cusp of recording a series of 4 FREE downloadable EP's for 2017, dubbed The Free Cooler Sessions.

At the end of the day, we carry our own gear and make our own silk-screen t-shirts. We use the gig money for gas and are always having technical difficulties. Playing rock is in our soul...the "heavy" is in our blood.

...that sounds so metal.

Luc Lavigne - guitarist & vox

Angie "The Barbarian" - drummer & vox


T-shirts $15.00, shipped in North America available in sizes extra-small to XXX-LARGE.

Little Chickadee Tee

The "Red Shirt"


Wagons Ho Shirt


Remember to specifiy which shirt you want your name, shirt size, and mailing address in the Paypal 'special instructions' box, International orders please contact 'merch@mufflercrunch.com' for a shipping quote.

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